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Online education software is among the concepts that continue to gain importance day by day. Especially thanks to the online systems that have come to the fore much more with the pandemic process, no situation that needs to develop and reach its goals has been left behind. Online education software , which has gained popularity with the introduction of the pandemic into people’s lives, continues to be developed for many applications and offered as a service.

It is known as software systems developed in order to ensure that various institutions and organizations can continue to carry out their transactions at a professional level and that trainings are not disrupted in situations that cannot be met face to face.

Online Training Software

By Bixcod with an excellent experience Thanks to this, the education sector was saved from inflicting great losses. The needs and demands of both teachers and students, as well as managers and employees in other sectors, are realized online thanks to these software. Thanks to the online education software ;

The interaction between students and teachers is constantly dynamic and active.
By establishing interactive classrooms, teachers are enabled to choose the most appropriate learning methods for their students.

Live lessons and meetings are organized, and group or one-on-one lessons are held.
Since it is accessible from anywhere, it is possible to log in to the systems using all devices such as computers, smart phones and tablets. Thanks to the advantages of online exams, students can try themselves.
Teachers can easily continue to monitor the learning level of their students.

What is Online Education System?

The online education software , which is established with computers and computer systems, is one of the programs that have the most dominance today. Considering the gradual development of technology and its impact on world literature, online education software and systems continue to develop at a tremendous pace. One of the sectors where technology is most dominant is the education sector without exception.


Especially in cases of pandemics and epidemics, there are disruptions, delays and communication breakdowns in the education sector due to epidemics that affect the whole world. Thanks to the online education software established to prevent these disconnections, technology is utilized at the highest level in education. Software and technology in education;

It envisages using smart boards and smart classrooms interactively.
The systems can be accessed via various devices.
Communication between students and teachers continues in and out of school.
The success and development of the students are followed through the systems in an error-free manner. Thanks to the exam software, the knowledge level of the students is measured from time to time.
Thanks to educational games and puzzle software, even preschool and primary school students start their development one step ahead.
It allows children to have more fun and to learn more concretely in terms of visual, auditory and emotional aspects. Information is obtained from much more official and reliable sources in online courseware systems.

How To Install Online Education System?

Although it may seem like a difficult action to set up online education software and system, it is actually both quite enjoyable and quite simple. However, this convenience has to be obtained by experts at a professional level. From coding to server preparations, from infrastructure preparations to planning and implementation, each point should be handled in detail and at a high level. As Bixcod, we always work with an expert and experienced team in this field and provide online education software.

We strive to provide you with the best of our systems and systems. You can contact our company from anywhere at any time and get service by choosing the most suitable options for your demands. In particular, you can take advantage of our various types of software to improve education systems that have been greatly affected by the pandemic, to maximize interaction and, in particular, to touch the lives of students and children in a tangible way. There are 4 important stages in the installation of online education software . These;

server preparations,
online education system,
Planning and implementation,
Backup and update

If these stages are carefully developed and implemented by a team of experts at a professional level, they reveal the quality of online education software . We bring our service to you with the pride of being a company that constantly implements software by using innovative, reliable and advanced technologies.

How to Benefit from Technology in Education?

One of the most important reasons why online education software and distance education systems are becoming more and more popular is that technology is not kept away from education. Online education systems established in order to improve the lives of students and teachers outside of school It makes learning concrete.
It provides colorful content by motivating the students to the lesson.
It increases the motivation level of both students and teachers.
Develops media literacy.

It allows the use of interesting materials in the preparation of the presentation.
It offers a variety of audio and visual content.
It arouses students’ desire with remarkable videos and activities.
Students can transfer what they have learned to daily life by thinking on a much more concrete level.

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